Computer Room


This room provides the service users with opportunities to get involved in a number of administration activities.


These include:


Monday 9am-12pm

Working on Reachout calls and designing birthday / thinking of you greeting cards.  On a Monday we also work on our weekly promotional materials that service users are able to view on information holders on our cafe tables and on our televisions located in the reception and cafe.


Tuesday 9am-12pm

The focus is on our bi-monthy newsletter, with us discussing whats to be included in the next edition, designing articles, editing and converting the file into a PDF to be added to our webpage.  This is also a time when we edit our webpage with new content.


Wednesday 9am-12pm

Public Relations is our main focus during this time, where we plan in presentaions on mental health to various community based organisations and also work on a number of promotional leaflets and booklets, these include information on our service, mental health awareness and coping strategies.


Thursday 9am-12pm

This time is allocated to training service users in order to improve their computer skills and knowledge.  Training topics are agreed within the group and are either delivered using in-house knowledge or bringing in external lecturers.


Friday 9am-12pm

On a Friday we process all our weekly finance.  This involves counting money, preparing money for banking, completing paperwork, excel spreadsheets, internal audits, processing invoices, completing imprest claims and budget work.  So there is a range of opportunities for service users to work with staff when dealing with the services finances and these are all pitched at different levels of ability.



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