Review of Community Mental Health Services

New Info as of Dec 10th 2014

We have been informed that once a new service manager has been recruited and settled into post (most likely Spring 2015) they will be working with us and also Sam McLean in the redesign of Caledonia Clubhouse.  Sam initially carried out a review of the Clubhouse in July 2013 - refer to the information below.
If you have any questions regarding this please contact Graham on 01324 501727.

A Review of Community Based Mental Health Day Service Provision


Sam McLean who is carrying out the review of the Clubhouse is coming in on the following dates:

  • Thursday 4th July 2013 9am - 4pm
  • Tuesday 9th July 2013 9am - 4pm
  • Monday 22nd July 2013 9am - 4pm


A review of statutory and non statutory community based mental health day services is currently taking place. The following will provide some information about the background to the review and outline what, if any, impact this may have on services that you use / work in.


Q1. Who will be involved in the review?

A combination of factors has determined the need to  conduct a review of all statutory and non statutory community based mental health services across the Forth Valley area. That means that the review will consider the community based services provided by NHS Forth Valley, Falkirk Council and Third Sector organisations e.g. Caledonia Clubhouse and FDAMH.


Q.2. You mentioned that a combination of factors have determined the need for the review. What are they?

In 2012 the Scottish Government produced a revised Mental Health Strategy 2012 -2015.  The strategy sets out a range of key commitments across the full spectrum of mental health improvement, services and recovery to ensure delivery of effective, quality care and treatment for people with a mental illness, their carers and families. This strategy document and the need to ensure that we are making best use of scarce resources, has prompted the review.


Q3. Who will conduct the review?

All partners have agreed several strands to the review. The local authority Falkirk Council are working closely with NHS Forth Valley to consider, for example, the provision of Day Hospital Services in each area, community based mental health teams and other services. This work is being undertaken by staff and managers from the NHS and the local authorities. In Falkirk the Third Sector partnership strand of the review which will be undertaken on Caledonia Clubhouse and FDAMH will be by an independent person jointly commissioned by NHS and Falkirk Council.


Q4.  What will the review entail in relation to Third Sector organisations?

Third Sector organisations whose primary work involves working with those experiencing reduced mental wellbeing will participate in a full audit of their services. This will include a review of the services currently provided by each organisation, analyses of the quality of their work, their financial performance and an analysis of the working relationship between the organisations and those who refer people to them. It will also involve seeking the views of the people who use the services. This will be done by the independent person visiting the services over a number of days to meet with members and staff and management.


Q5. What is the overall aim of the review?

All partnership organisations, statutory and non-statutory, are keen to ensure that the day services currently offered are a) quality services that meet the needs of local people b) that all partners are making the best use of available resources and c) that there is no duplication in service provision. The review also seeks to identify any gaps in service provision and to consider what we need to do to ensure that, with available funding, we have appropriate day service provision in line with Government and local policies, for the future.


Q6. Is this simply a cost cutting exercise?

No it is not. As mentioned above the aim of the review is to ensure that we are meeting the needs of local people in the best possible way, within the limits of scarce resources and to ensure that we have in place services that will meet the future needs of people within our community.


Should you require any additional information or want to chat about the review then please contact Graham Haldane, Manager at Caledonia Clubhouse, on 01324 501720 or by email to