Public Relations Group


The Public Relations group aims to raise awareness of mental health issues whilst reducing the stigma often associated with them. One way we do this is by giving presentations to various schools and organisations which allows our service users to share their experiences with mental illness. We believe this is a very successful method to raise awareness and reduce stigma and we have received excellent feedback from a number of organisations.


We are also part of the University of Stirling Social Service Users and Carers Group (Unity). Unity members contribute to teaching on the social work degree programmes as well as other events at the university. Please click on the Unity logo at the bottom of the page for more information.


What do service users get out of it?


As well as providing the organisations with a deeper insight into mental health, our service users also benefit greatly from participating in the workshops and presentations. The work of the group enhances their self belief and gives them courage and confidence which they can hopefully use in other areas of their lives. And last but not least our service users get enjoyment out of it, and whilst discussing serious issues they deliver a fun and engaging presentation on mental health issues.


Our group meets every Wednesday 9am-12pm in Caledonia so come along if you want to find out more, or contact John on 01324 501727 or email