Our group aims to promote good mental and physical wellbeing through outdoor activity in a green environment.  Being able to connect with nature has positive mental health benefits and it has shown that being more active in green environments can boost your mood and self-esteem far more than simply exercising alone.

Our ConservationGroup can have the following benefits:

  • reduce stress levels
  • improve self-esteem 
  • opportunity to meet new different people
  • provide varied and interesting activities to get involved in
  • learn new skills and boost confidence
  • improve mental health without focusing on it
  • gently boost levels of physical activity
  • positively contribute towards the environment
  • enjoyable and fun!!!

The projects that Caledonia are currently involved in are:

  • Muiravonside Country Park
  • Callendar Park (working in partnership with The Conservation Volunteers)

In May 2014 service users and staff of Caledonia received the Explorer Level John Muir Award.  The group had been working on the award since September 2013.

Two of the main projects they worked on to achieve this award were mapping out and writing up routes around the Helix Park for the Ramblers Scotland Medal Routes Project, and to create a John Muir inspired garden feature in our own garden.  Working with volunteer Ali Brown, we transformed a bare bed in the Clubhouse garden into a vibrant bed with John Muir quotes and pictures mounted on a wall behind the bed.

The Medal Routes leaflet was launched in June 2014, and was the 100th leaflet to be produced as part of this Scotland wide project.  Look out for copies at various locations around or view it below by clicking on medal routes logo below.